Bruce Ferrin, Treasurer

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Cathryn Bailey, President


Chapter Office: 269-345-0151


Presidentís Reports

Eric Archer, Grievance Officer

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Chapter Office: 269-345-0151


Grievance Officer's Reports

Andrew hennlich, Secretary

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Whitney DeCamp, Vice President Emailink:  Chapter Office: 269-345-0151

Office hours: Monday & Thursday, 3:00-5:00 drop-in (via Zoom), and by appointment (Zoom or in-person).

Click here to meet via Zoom.

Zoom attendees enter via a waiting room and are seen in the order they arrive (unless an appointment is made in advance).

Vice President's Reports

Jean Kimmel, Contract Administrator

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Office: 269-345-0151


Contract Administrator Reports

Communication Officer

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2017 - 2020 Contract
Intellectual Property Rights at WMU
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